Services & Repairs

Keep Your Bicycle Running

My Buddy's Bike Shop offers exceptional bike repair and maintenance services in East Bay, California. When you need experts to handle all of your bicycle repair services, we are the ones to call.

We offer mountain bikes, road bikes, and kid bikes for sale. With over 30 years of experience, we ensure effective, timely, and quality services.


My Buddy's Bike Shop

Full Bike & Safety Inspection

Being inspected by experts is an ideal way to keep your bike running smoothly. Other than a bike repair source, we also involve in the full bicycle and safety inspection process.

Check, Adjust Brakes & Shifting

We are well-trained to perform and check various parts, adjust brakes, and shifting gears of your bikes. Our reliable mechanics strive to ensure quality services.

Wipe Down the Bike

When you need exceptional cleaning for your bike, we are your ideal choice. From using the best cleaning product to handling with care, you can rely on us and get peace of mind.

Suspension Services

Replace Seals

We have mastery in replacing seals and maintaining your bikes to help them perform at their very best.

Replace Fluids

It is important to replace fluids precisely and timely to avoid brake system damage. Keeping your bike functioning correctly is our top priority.

Suspension Services

We ensure excellent suspension services and keep the bike tracking straight over difficult terrains such as ruts, rocks, roots, or more.

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Bearing Services

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When it comes to bearing sizing, our bike experts help you with the right headset bearing and keep your bike’s performance up.

Bottom Brackets

At My Buddy’s Bike Shop, we also service and install bottom brackets. We also guide you to maintain your bearings.

Hub Bearings

With our hub bearings services, we strive to contribute to your bike's safe steering and handling.

Flat Tire Repair

Replace Tubes/Tires

We replace tubes/tires based on your bike’s condition or specific choices if you have. We are fast, affordable, and ensure quality.

Convert to Tubeless

We use the latest tubeless conversion kits for your bike. We are experienced, skilled, and well-trained to perform the conversion safely.